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Panama Birds Field Guide

9.99 usd

Why this birding app is meant for anyone who plans on visiting Panama or learning about the hundreds of bird species that live in this incredible country: It’s easy to use: This field guide weighs as much as your device, and birds can be found with quick search tools and or by quickly scrolling down the screen with the touch of a finger. NO ADVERTISEMEMTS. FREE UPGRADES. This full version shows over 900 species of birds. Multiple photos for most species: See images and learn how to identify birds awaiting you in Panama. Vocalizations for more most species: Listen to and learn the beautiful and exotic sounds heard in the tropical forests of Panama. Range maps for every bird. Descriptions of important field marks, habitat, and other information about the birds of Panama. Take notes on the birds you see. Birds listed in both alphabetical and taxonomic order. Use the “Which Bird is It” function to take pictures and record sounds of birds you aren’t sure about or want to share. They will be sent to the Birding Field Guides team as soon as your device connects to the Internet and we will help you identify them. Notes can be filtered, emailed in a batch, ready for upload to eBird.